A better process for smoked food

The challenges of conventional smoking

  • Undesirable by-products

  • Large water footprint

  • High levels of emissions

pie graph showing 89%

of global consumers expect companies to invest in sustainability1

pie graph showing 4 in 5 people

global consumers say brands should be transparent about their production process2

Consumers want:

icon for water waste

Less water waste

icon for C02 reduction

Lower carbon emissions

icon for healthier products

Healthier products

Kerry Red Arrow™

Sustainable, healthier smoking process

  • An alternative process for smoking the foods consumers love without compromising on taste

  • 100% circularity using timber by-products as a raw material input

  • Raw materials come from sustainability managed sources

  • Health benefits: no tars, chemical or particle release

  • Excellent taste

Creating a world of sustainable nutrition


Reduction in CO emissions


Reduction in energy usage


Reduction in water


Reduction in potentially harmful by-products


Reduction in chemical use


Improved working conditions

1 & 2. Innova Market Insights 2019