Creating delicious, sustainable and nutritious plant-based alternatives

 Appeal of plant-based products increasing

Flexitarianism on the rise


of European consumers reduced meat intake1


Annual growth in the global meat alternative market2


 Consumers want

  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Environmental benefits (including no deforestation)
  • Healthier, more nutritious products


 Consumers' perceptions

  • Limited choice
  • Unappetising products
  • Lack of transparency

A Radicle approach

The Radicle portfolio of taste, texture, nutritional and functional technologies can be used with Kerry’s culinary know-how to create appealing and sustainable plant-based products


Radicle logo

Great taste:

Fresh, natural, authentic

Positive nutrition:

Clean label, sustainable nutrition, high quality protein, salt perception and reduced saturated fat

Responsible sourcing:

No deforestation

Innovation enabling sustainable nutrition


Our plant protein results in 87% less emissions3 compared to meat which equals 12,000 fewer cars on the road for one year4


All packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials


Reduction in saturated fat5


Reduced food waste


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    • Emission factors are expressed per kg of rehydrated product. Cradle to gate analysis and does not include impacts from transport to customer site or energy used for rehydration
  5. Nutritional comparison of our Kerry plant proteins when compared to meat