The South African Seltzer Moment

Hard seltzers are leading the growth of ready-to-drink beverages

When Nielsen reviewed hard seltzer retail sales between March 1 and April 25 2020, they found 44% of buyers had bought hard seltzer for the first time, suggesting they consider it as something new and novel to try, particularly during the pandemic quarantine. Since then, hard seltzer sales continue to climb, propelling the ready-to-drink (RTD) category into the fastest-growing alcohol category in 2019.

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The refreshing alternative

Basically defined as sparkling water with alcohol, hard seltzers' growing global popularity is driven by greater consumer awareness of health and wellness, with its fresh, lighter content satisfying the demand for better-for-you beverages. With restrictions on drinking settings due to COVID-19, hard seltzers offer a convenient option, along with the appeal of an intriguing variety of flavours. Now, consumers can't get enough of it.

Low calorie, full flavour

Likewise, health-conscious South Africa consumers continue to look for alcohol alternatives that are both refreshing and flavourful, presenting a great opportunity for the deliciously fizzy, low-calorie and low-sugar alcoholic beverage.