Simply Nature™ Citrus Extracts and Flavours

We deliver true-to-fruit citrus taste experiences in beverage, dairy, bakery and savoury products by combining our expertise in citrus sourcing and processing with our technical and creative excellence.

The real taste of citrus

Our unique citrus ingredients use high-quality raw materials borne from our trusted relationship with citrus growers and state-of-the-art processing technologies. By leveraging our analytical, sensory and consumer insights and our flavour expertise, our products provide fresh, stable and authentic citrus tonalities.

Our citrus range includes:

  • FTNJ (From The Named Juice) / FTNF (From The Named Fruit) restoration aromas
  • Infusions and distillates
  • New! Citrus extracts
  • Natural flavourings and flavours
  • Beverage units and systems

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Key benefits:

Our range of citrus extracts and flavours opens up a world of possibilities in citrus including:

  • Intense and true-to-taste citrus extracts
  • Fresh, authentic and stable citrus tastes
  • Our New! Citrus extracts range, which has superior retention of aromatic and flavour characteristics
  • A variety of citrus tastes including mainstream favourites orange and lemon as well as emerging flavours such as yuzu, Meyer lemon and satsuma
  • A range of organoleptic profiles including zesty, peely, juicy and pithy notes, amongst others
  • Organic products


Our citrus range is often used in beverages and sweet and savoury applications.

Citrus, an all-time favourite

Consumers have always loved the taste of citrus, which many consider tasty, refreshing and healthy. Citrus is one of the most preferred tastes in the beverages industry, with more than 35% of beverages launched globally featuring a citrus taste according to Innova Market Insights. Recent research from Kerry found that lemon is the most appealing flavour for global consumers when compared to more than 50 other flavours.

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