Simply Nature™ Botanical Extracts

Our long-standing expertise in sourcing and processing botanicals from around the world allows us to bring the true taste of nature to beverage, dairy, bakery and savoury products.

Preserving the essence of botanicals

We use carefully selected natural ingredients to make our botanicals extracts distinct and authentic. Through innovative processing technologies we capture and preserve the maximum taste from fresh botanicals.

Our botanical range includes:

  • Florals, including natural taste profiles from a broad selection of flowers
  • Herbs, which provide the fresh taste consumers expect from world-favourite herbs
  • Roots and Barks, to deliver nature’s finest earthy tastes to delight your consumers
  • Spices, for adding depth of flavour and international appeal
  • Fruits and Vegetables, including regionally preferred profiles
  • Bitters, sourced from the Mediterranean all the way to the Far East
  • Teas, to provide an authentic experience direct from the tea field
  • Specialties, including premium and rich regional botanicals from Africa and China, among others
  • Blends, which are developed through our strong botanical knowledge and portfolio

A critical tool for flavour creation

Our flavourists have an extensive knowledge of botanical extracts, including the selection of foundational botanical ingredients for the creation of natural flavours. The quality of our botanical extracts provides the true taste of the spices, herbs, fruits, florals and more in our flavour portfolio.

Key benefits

By working with Kerry, you will discover the authentic taste of botanicals as intended by nature including:

  • Intense and true-to-taste botanical extracts
  • More than 120 botanicals
  • A variety of products such as tinctures, infusions, distillates, extracts, hyper-concentrates
  • Organic products
  • Liquid, powder and paste formats
  • Collection ZERO, a range of botanicals with 0% alcohol

Explore Applications

Our botanicals range is often used in beverage applications as well as in sweet and savoury foods

Botanicals resonate with consumers

The beauty of botanicals is their ability to delivery more than just taste. Botanicals have been used for centuries in traditional medicine and aromatherapy as well as in foods and beverages. They can trigger an emotional reaction as well as novel, nostalgic and health halo associations for consumers. Many of our products have compelling provenance claims and sustainability stories.

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