Optimising Taste with Umami and
Kokumi Ingredients

Clean label umami and kokumi ingredients bring depth, roundness and deliciousness to
savoury products and meat applications.

Creating savoury foods consumers prefer

By leveraging our fermentation, extraction, cooking and flavour expertise, we’ve created an industry-leading clean label portfolio of umami and kokumi ingredients. These solutions help build a complete savoury profile using natural flavours to impart deliciousness, richness, fullness and depth tailored to suit local markets.

Key benefits:

  • Umami ingredients deliver richness, juiciness, deliciousness and lingering taste
  • Kokumi ingredients deliver richness and the round, long-lasting, rich flavour in food
  • Umami and kokumi ingredients can have a clean label declaration of “natural flavouring”
  • Our portfolio of tastes are authentic and consumer preferred

Explore applications

Appropriate for inclusion in a variety of applications, such as prepared meals, soups, sauces, snacks and meat, and across processing conditions.

Kerry’s Sustainable Global Yeast Supply Centre

Sustainable, socially conscious, state-of the art production of umami and kokumi ingredients

Zero waste to landfill

Majority of waste going to agricultural uses including animal feed, composting and fertiliser

Working toward a carbon neutral factory

Heat recovering project for carbon reduction with continuous year-on-year process improvements

100% Sustainable water supply

Onsite reservoir to ensure plentiful water supply