ProActive Health Wellness

Appeal to wellness-minded consumers by elevating your products with ProActive Health functional ingredients, which support digestion, immune health, cognition and other top health needs.

Science-backed wellness solutions

With trusted, science-backed functional ingredients aligned with top consumer wellness needs, Kerry’s ProActive Health portfolio of brands inspires the creation of health-forward foods, beverages, supplements and pet products, expanding the accessibility of sustainable nutrition around the world. Our ingredients support a range of health needs, from digestive and immune health to cognitive support and joint health, among others.

Kerry’s ProActive Health wellness ingredients include:

  • Digestive health probiotic ingredients: BC30® and Sporevia®
  • Immune health ingredients: Wellmune® yeast beta glucan and BC30® probiotic
  • Cognitive and heart health ingredients: Eupoly-3® Omega-3 EPA + DHA

See how nutritional needs across different age groups are shaping the functional ingredient space.

Our ProActive Health portfolio provides health-forward positive nutrition validated through clinical research.

Trusted Ingredients

ProActive Health functional wellness ingredients transparently communicate trust via high-quality research.

Collaborative Go-to-Market Support

Backed by Kerry’s sensory, analytical, regulatory and manufacturing expertise, we offer streamlined product commercialisation.

Credible Science

Our range of ingredients is backed by science with clinical studies supporting the benefits offered.

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