A grass-fed milk protein range for many foods and beverages applications.

Ultranor, Kerry’s nutritional milk protein solution

Ultranor milk protein isolate (MPI) and Ultranor milk protein concentrate (MPC) are ultra-filtered, completely intact, spray-dried proteins. They contain the proteins of milk in their original proportions, sourced from grass-fed dairy cows in Ireland. The casein protein in Ultranor MPI and Ultranor MPC is 100% micellar.

Key benefits:

  • Contains essential amino acids to help support growth, maintenance of muscle mass and weight management

  • Contains casein (slow-acting) and whey (fast-acting) proteins for steady amino acid release and to help support muscle protein growth, satiety and weight management

  • Ultimate processability with superior process tolerance and run efficiency

  • Clean and neutral flavour and mouthfeel

  • Excellent dispersion and emulsification properties

  • Low viscosity

A sustainable, fully traceable, grass-fed source

Grass-fed by Kerry
Our premium dairy protein is carefully produced using milk from cows fed on a diet of greater than 96% grass*.

A trusted and transparent supply chain
Since 1972, we have worked in partnership with our farmers, promoting the highest standard of animal welfare. We have full traceability to the milk’s farmland of origin in the southwest of Ireland.

All our dairy proteins are Non-GMO Project verified.

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