Explore our newest plant protein solution. Add ProDiem™ to your food and beverage offerings to grow consumer demand.

What's driving the plant protein market? 

As the protein market evolves, the interest in plant protein grows. The global plant protein market is projected to reach a value of more than €13 billion by 2022.1 76% of protein users say that protein is important to maintain a healthy diet.2

Health and Wellness

The self-accountable consumer is seeking plant protein to meet their nutrition and wellness needs. 75% of protein users perceive pea protein as nutritious.2


Over half of protein users report dairy free as the most important nutritional factor when purchasing protein products.2

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Ethics and Sustainability

62% of protein users cite sustainability as an important factor when purchasing a protein product.2


Food Safety

Over half of protein users want natural ingredients in their protein product, reflecting growing consumer demand for recognisable and more simple ingredients.2

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Kerry’s ProDiem™ solution

Unique to the marketplace, ProDiem™ is a plant protein solution optimised for nutrition and taste. ProDiem™ uses a proprietary processing technique and Kerry’s flavour masking technology to address the grainy, chalky texture and mask the characteristic off notes and bitterness traditionally associated with plant proteins. 


For nutritional bars, we have utilised our Total Novel Texture (TNT) technology to reduce bar hardening over shelf life and  enhance the textural attributes, improving overall taste. 


To provide a high quality plant protein, we selected a proprietary combination of plant proteins including pea, rice and oat to improve the protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS), delivering a complete protein with all essential amino acids.


The ProDiem™ portfolio offers dairy free, soy free and vegan proteins, enabling customers to enhance the nutritional profile of their products such as powder nutritional beverages, ready to drink (RTD) beverages and nutritional bars, all without impacting flavour or texture.

Nutritional benefits of proteins

Helps support body weight management

Helps build and maintain lean body mass and support muscle health

Helps support appetite and hunger control