Our fast-dissolving prebiotic ingredient, Emulgold™ Fibre, can be added to a wide range of foods, beverages and supplements.

Boosting nutrition with Emulgold™ Fibre

Emulgold Fibre is a 100% natural, GMO-free source of soluble dietary fibre from the acacia tree. The fast-dissolving prebiotic is highly compatible in a wide range of applications without negative influences such as gelling, swelling or thickening, allowing manufacturers to boost nutritional content while maintaining the desirable properties of their products, including the option of “organic” labelling.

Key benefits:

  • High concentration of soluble dietary fibre
    (> 90% on a dry weight basis)
  • Excellent digestibility
  • Clinically proven satiety effect (Calame et al. 2008)
  • Low calorific value and a glycaemic index of 0
  • Non-cariogenic and certified tooth-kind
  • Improves texture and enhances flavour, especially in reduced sugar systems
  • Tasteless and odourless; can be added to dry components or used in hot or cold liquid formulations
  • Stable in extreme temperatures and under mechanical stress; compatible with a wide range of pH conditions

Three Emulgold Fibre differentiators:

Rapid Dissolution

With less clumping and enhanced dispersibility, our new product is the fastest dissolving acacia fibre on the market.

Extremely Low Dust Content

Because this product has extremely low dust content, it creates less waste in your process and a cleaner working environment for your staff.

Improved Bulk Density

Improved bulk density means smaller pack sizes, which reduces transport and storage costs.