Lipids and Bases

Our nutritional lipid range addresses the needs of all life stages including growth and development as well as the prevention and management of chronic disease.

The building blocks of nutrition 

Kerry’s concentrated nutritional oil powders and dairy bases are designed to meet specific dietary, nutritional and regulatory requirements and can be fully customised by lipid source, nutritional specification, labelling and functionality. The fatty acid profiles of Kerry’s nutritional lipids and nutritional bases can be tailored as required, and are in accordance with the Codex Infant Formula and International standards.

This range of nutritional lipids and bases are specifically designed for key target markets such as infant nutrition, healthcare nutrition, weight management, sports nutrition and general wellness. These products are highly stable lipid powders with no hydrogenated oils and consistent fat and fatty acid content.

The nutritional lipid range includes products containing:

  • 55% vegetable oil content, providing optimised omega 3 to omega 6 ratios.

  • 68% medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, which is used for the management of conditions including digestive disorders, overweight and obesity. MCTs have improved digestibility and a greater rate of oxidation, providing greater energy release without being stored as fat.

  • 50% OPO human milk fat replacer, which is designed to mimic the fat profile found in human breast milk. The fat profile in some infant formulas can cause digestive discomfort. Recent studies suggest an advanced fat profile may improve digestibility and fat and calcium absorption while reducing constipation in infants.
  • 40% vegetable oil, providing a concentrated fat source from canola. This delivers the essential fatty acid linolenic and linoleic acid with a high MUFA content at 26%. Canola oil holds a USFDA qualified health claim for heart disease risk reduction.

  • 70% oil, providing a highly concentrated lipid which is high in MUFAs and low in saturates.

Nutritional bases

Kerry also offers nutritional bases made from Kerry’s customized lipids and added vitamins and minerals. We have a range of nutritional bases to meet the varying nutritional needs of all life stages, from infants and toddlers to seniors. Our nutritional bases have a range of application doses and can be fully customized by lipid source, nutritional specification, labelling and functionality.

  • IFB UN90 Base, a nutritional base powder with a clean milk flavour suitable for use in infant and growing up milks.

  • Enhance, a beverage cereal base providing balanced nutrition and containing essential fatty acids. It is suitable for various applications for both children and adults.