A clean label solution designed to solve common bakery challenges

Based on our deep understanding of the baking process, we have developed a range of clean label enzyme solutions called Biobake™. Biobake enzyme products are specifically designed for use across bread and rolls, frozen and retarded doughs, fine bakery, wafers and crackers.

Bread and rolls:

Our range of products optimise water distribution, dough strength and dough rheology during process, producing products with better shape, crumb structure, resilience and shelf life.

Frozen and retarded doughs:

Biobake EDS gives bakers the power to produce superior baked-from-frozen products such as pizza crust, scones and rolls. Biobake EDS delivers superior volume, dough strength and rheology and extends frozen shelf life.

Fine bakery, wafers and crackers:

At Kerry we're leaders in fine bakery. Our Biobake product range can deliver improvements in processing, finished product characteristics and sustainability while also reducing costs.

The Biobake range delivers improvements in processing and finished product characteristics while also reducing costs.