Speciality Enzymes

Our enzyme solutions deliver innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions for our customers
in the food and beverage sector.

Kerry’s speciality enzyme heritage

Building on Kerry’s strong food heritage, our enzyme business has provided natural solutions for food, from food for over 50 years. With a focus on the modification of grains and cereals, our enzymes help customers develop better food and beverage products while improving:  

• Operational efficiency
• Sustainability
• Taste
• Nutrition
• Product quality

Explore speciality enzyme products across applications

Kerry bakery enzymes solutions are formulated to work within a wide range of applications, including yeasted, soda leavened and fine bakery products. Working with our bakery applications team, we have developed specific enzyme solutions to address key challenges within the industry.

Our bakery enzyme solutions help :
  • Optimise texture, volume, shelf-life and freshness
  • Reduce cost and improve processing efficiency
  • Offer a clean label alternative
  • Enhance the eating experience

Our enzyme solutions for bakery include:

Our Biolactase™ range of enzymes for dairy applications break down lactose in milk to enhance sweetness and produce lactose-free products. Biolactase works in milk, yoghurt, ice cream and concentrated dairy applications.

Our Biolactase range offers:
  • Improved digestibility for consumers
  • High purity to ensure no off-flavours or discolouration
  • Performance across a variety of temperatures and pH levels
  • Low viscosity to reduce waste

Our enzyme solutions for dairy include:
  • Biolactase

Our enzyme range for the confectionery industry is suitable for marzipan, fondant and cream fillings as well as wafers.

The Bioinvert range is formulated to produce a higher purity inversion when compared to alternative approaches, without any unwanted side products. Bioinvert delivers:

  • Increased sweetness over sucrose
  • Extended product shelf life
  • Improved texture
  • Resistance to crystallization

Our enzyme solutions for confectionery include:
  • Bioinvert
  • Biobake CHW

We manufacture protease enzymes for the meat industry. Used to treat tougher cuts of meat, our Profix™ enzyme solution will improve the tenderness and eating quality of your final product.

Our enzyme solutions for meat include:
  • Profix

Our range of enzymes for human nutrition are designed to improve digestibility in infant and toddler applications, nutritional food and beverages and dietary supplements.

Our enzyme solutions for infant and toddler milk formulas include:
  • Biolactase™
  • Bioprotease™
  • Biocatalyst™

Our solutions for nutritional food and beverages and dairy alternatives include:
  • Amylo™
  • Bioglucanase®
  • Bioprotease™
  • Hitempase™

Our enzyme solutions for dietary supplements include:
  • Biolactase™
  • Bioprotease™
  • Biocellulase™
  • Profix™
  • Biolipase™
  • Canalpha™

Our expertise and range of alcohol products work during the brewing process to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve processing efficiency
  • Ensure end-product consistency
  • Increase sustainability
  • Allow higher usage levels of adjuncts
  • Improve beer quality
  • Enhance colloidal stability

Our enzymes for alcohol applications focus on brewing, cereal-based beverages and distilling.

Our enzyme solutions for alcohol include:
  • Amylo™
  • Bioglucanese®
  • Bioprotease™
  • Hitempase™
  • Promalt™
  • Profix™
  • Convertase™

Our AlphaGal™ and Agal-Pro™ enzyme products have proven value for monogastric animals, such as poultry and swine.

These products have been developed to:
  • Reduce total feed costs
  • Improve digestibility of soybean and non-starch polysaccharides based diets
  • Increase sustainability
  • Work effectively in broilers, turkeys, ducks, layers and swine
Our enzyme solutions for animal nutrition include:
  • AlphaGal
  • Agal-Pro

Speciality enzymes: 3 benefits to consider 

Product Improvement

Enzymes are a natural processing aid that can enhance your final food or beverage product. Depending on your needs, our enzymes can enhance taste, extend shelf life and improve texture and appearance.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Enzymes can make your business more efficient while reducing your impact on the environment. Our solutions are designed to reduce waste, streamline production and cut costs, among other benefits.

Consumer Appeal

Our enzyme solutions can help you improve nutrition and deliver on the great taste and eating experience consumers demand without sacrificing your commitment to a clean label.

Enzyme Spotlight: BioBake

Used for bakery applications to improve product characteristics and reduce cost

Kerry's 50 Years of Bakery Enzymes