Proteins Taste and Texture

From breads to sorbets to confections, we offer ingredients that can help improve
the quality and consistency of a full range of products.

Taste and texture

Hyfoama™ and Versawhip™

Hyfoama™ and Versawhip™ are protein hydrolysates of dairy and plant proteins. They exhibit exceptionally consistent whipping performance and are widely used in sugar confectionery products. They are proven in many different processing methods and can fully replace egg white and gelatin in confectionery applications such as nougat, marshmallow, bird’s milk, jellies and chews.

Kosher, halal, non-animal and allergen declarations are available to meet your specific labeling requirements.


  • Aeration
  • Egg replacement
  • Gelatine replacement
  • Allergen free option
  • Vegetarian option


Hygel™ is a range of dairy and vegetable protein-derived hydrolysates that provides efficient aeration, stabilisation and control over texture and mouthfeel in fresh sorbet applications. 

Hygel contributes to lower production costs by giving the product higher air incorporation. This shortens the mixing time and improves productivity. It is often used to replace egg albumen.


  • superior aeration for consistency
  • foam stabilisation
  • improved mouthfeel
  • lower production costs


Dorel™ hydrolysed protein provides control over volume, shape and appearance of baked products. Strong or poor quality flours can cause dough handling problems – lack or dough extensibility or sticky dough, for example – which can be difficult to process.

This lack of extensibility leads to dough shrinkage, which negatively impacts bread shape. This is a major challenge for manufacturers of baguette type breads.


  • delivers a unique combination of improved dough relaxation and development—specifically dough dryness and coherency
  • can be used to upgrade flour quality or used in bread improver formulations
  • separate ingredient declaration often not required
  • non-GMO