Custom Solutions

To take your menu to new heights, collaborate with our team of experts which includes chefs,
food scientists and consumer trend and insight professionals.

Capitalising on out-of-home dining

Changing demographics, a rise in disposable incomes and consumers’ continued desires for increased convenience mean more people are eating away from home than ever before. From fast food to fine dining, the heightened sophistication of consumers’ palates is becoming increasingly evident based upon their demands for authentic flavours, nutritious offerings and chef-quality foods and beverages. All of this creates limitless opportunities for foodservice operators to differentiate their menus and grow their businesses.

Our chefs, baristas and mixologists partner with our product development teams and work side-by-side with you to ensure that you deliver nothing less than an extraordinary for your consumers.

Whether it’s creating a gold standard item that is a menu staple, or responding rapidly to consumer trends by developing limited time offers (LTOs) that drive increased traffic and sales, Kerry is a partner you can count on to deliver customised solutions that will keep your customers coming back for more. 

Kerry’s custom foodservice capabilities span all menu segments including:

Driving traffic and sales in foodservice

Consumers today have never been so aware of other cultures and cuisines, or so willing to try new twists on old favourites. You need only look at social media to see the way that food dominates our feeds. Consumers are making and celebrating new food and beverage discoveries every day. These six big trends are shaping the foodservice industry, and Kerry can help you customise your offering to capitalise on them:


Consumers don’t share the same needs and preferences. They demand products designed for their age, gender, health and culture. 

Meeting these needs is now a matter of survival in the marketplace, and Kerry has the insights and solutions to ensure your offering is exceeding your consumers’ desires.

Health and well being

Your offering must not only be tempting and flavourful, it must support the health aspirations of your consumers. 

Kerry is adept at producing components that are naturally lower in fat, salt and sugar, as well removing a range of ingredients that particular consumers might avoid, while delivering full-bodied flavours and textures that please the palate.


Even as flavour preferences become more complex, consumers are looking for simplicity in the origin of their foods and beverage. The revival of local farmers’ markets and regional products are signs of this trend. 

Kerry sources all of our components transparently, so that you can be transparent with your customers and give them confidence in your menu.


Now more than ever, consumers want to feel special. Foodservice providers who can tailor their offerings to the individuals who patronise them will develop a loyal following. 

Kerry has the processes and technology needed to create offerings that help you nurture those relationships with your consumers.


Finding new combinations of flavours, or encountering something completely different, are the dining experiences that make going out to eat memorable. 

You can draw on our world-wide network of chefs, baristas, mixologists and food scientists to create unique offerings that blend flavours and textures in new and unexpected ways that will delight your consumers.


Consumers are increasingly rushed and looking for ways to save time during their days. The fast food and fast casual sectors of the foodservice industry area well positioned to take advantage of this trend by providing high-quality, chef-inspired and nutritious menu items that can be consumed on the go. 

Kerry can support you with solutions to providing great-tasting foods and beverages in formats that more than satisfy your consumers’ requirements for convenience.