Our patented probiotic ingredient, GanedenBC30®, provides digestive and immune health support in everyday food and beverage products.

Key benefits:

  • Supported by research to help support both digestive and immune health as well as enhance protein utilization.
  • Natural, vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, organic compliant and allergen-free
  • GRAS status from the U.S. FDA, indicating an excellent safety record
  • Easy to formulate into functional foods, beverages and companion animal products without changes to composition or taste
  • Stable spore-forming probiotic that can survive harsh manufacturing processes such as shear, HTST and HPP pasteurization as well as the journey through the digestive system
  • Up to a three-year shelf life

Explore GanedenBC30

Over 25 peer-reviewed and published papers document the safety and efficacy of GanedenBC30. Visit the GanedenBC30 Probiotics website for more information, including details on product applications and clinical research, or to learn more about adding the power of probiotics to your products.