Our story starts with dairy. As you develop or revitalize your next dairy product,
leverage our expertise and global resources.

We know dairy

Since 1972, dairy has been at the heart of Kerry’s business and has instilled a culture of sustainability and quality throughout the organization.

Ireland is an extremely favorable and sustainable environment for dairy production. With its temperate climate, rich soil and plentiful rainfall, Ireland boasts the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per kg of milk solids and has an enviable reputation for animal care. Through our sister company, Kerry Agribusiness, we guarantee the integrity and quality of our supply chain by working in partnership with 3,600 direct milk suppliers. More on Kerry’s dairy history.

Kerry operates three state-of-the-art dairy manufacturing facilities in Ireland, where over one billion liters, or 20% of the total Irish milk pool, are processed annually via a unique, fully controlled supply chain. We also have manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Global sourcing, vertical integration and primary extraction enable us to provide you with cost-effective, high-quality dairy solutions that are safe and consistently satisfy customer needs, while complying with all applicable regulatory requirements for the food and beverage markets.

Profile™ Demineralized Whey

Profile™ Demineralized Whey ingredients are produced from fresh Irish whey. The range is demineralized utilizing ion-exchange technology and electrodialysis, concentrated and spray-dried.

The entire profile range is manufactured through an in-house proprietary process which ensures the microbial stability of products are maintained during the production process without negatively impacting on product quality and functionality.

Functional properties

  • clean flavor profile and milky color
  • internally produced and manufactured at source
  • mineral content adjusted to suit specific requirements
  • non-hygroscopic
  • optimum heat stability

Premia™ SMP

Premia™ skim milk powder is a natural dairy powder obtained by separation, evaporation and by spray drying pure fresh cow’s milk. It has excellent dispersability and solubility, a low fat content and a clean flavor.

Functional properties

  • protein (MSNF) > 34%
  • casein / whey ratio 80 / 20
  • pH 6 – 7
  • fat < 1.5%
  • clean milky flavor