Golden Gloss

Ready to use liquid wash applied just before baking to give product a premium golden shine

Kerry Golden Gloss

Our no-allergen, clean label and efficient glaze products deliver a golden shine to baked goods and also provide great adhesion properties for seasonings and nuts/seeds.

A push for premium

Premiumization is a key market driver in the bakery category. Consumers are increasingly demanding premium bakery products and 73% of U.S. consumers who eat bread agree it’s worth paying a little more for better quality bread.1

1 Mintel:Bread, Bakery and Cakes, 2018.

Golden Gloss benefits

No Tackiness

Finished products will not stick to packaging.

Eliminates Allergens

Kerry Gloss solutions eliminate allergens egg and dairy.

Great Adhesion

Adhesion comes easy for seeds, nuts and other topical seasonings.

The Golden Gloss advantage

Kerry’s Golden Gloss provides improved performance in bakeries by reducing surface sticking on pans, providing consistent viscosity and removing the need for dilution to reduce variability in shine and browning. Golden Gloss products are warehoused in Carol Stream, IL, and have a 14 day lead time.

Golden Gloss case study

Customer wanted a product that didn't require dilution and was experiencing inconsistency with the viscosity of a competitor's product.

Kerry's solution is a superior product that eliminates inconsistent viscosity. Our product does not require dilution, does not gum up machines or stick to pans, is cost competitive and is available domestically.

The Kerry Difference
Developed a more consistent product that did not require dilution. Also helped with operational efficiency (less cleaning as the product doesn't stick to the pan-analysis to prove this available).