Toppings and Creamers

Use our dairy and dairy-alternative products to create the creamy frappes, milkshakes and more
that consumers want to see on your menu.

From farm to frappe

With a deep rooted heritage in dairy farming, at Kerry we are at the forefront of dairy innovation. Our product technologists work closely with our application team to create the creamiest dairy beverages suitable for the foodservice and vending channels offering a selection of creamers, frappes, milkshakes and dairy alternatives.

Holistic Beverage Solutions

We know how to make great toppings and creamers that can be applied in a variety of beverage products, such as coffees, teas, cocoas, dairy and nutritional beverages. Learn more about how Kerry is your ideal partner.

Solutions Designed for Foodservice Operators

At Kerry, we create solutions tailored to our customers’ business needs. Customers can also leverage our brand portfolio of finished products, developed specifically with foodservice operators in mind, to create innovative menu solutions that will delight consumers.