Crafted Coffee

Explore liquid extracts, concentrates and flavors, from bean to bottle.

Consumers drive changes in crafted coffee

Customers are becoming more discerning about the coffee products they choose amid influx of new brands and products in the market. In a crowded marketplace, coffee beverage players are differentiating through taste, category blurring and added functionality. The top 5 growing claims in coffee: slimming, satiety, brain/ nervous system, vegan and high/added protein.1

1Mintel, Dec. 2018

Of all beverages, Americans drink coffee the most...

Americans' Love for Coffee

has made it the most highly penetrated beverage in the USA

Nearly 2 in 3

Americans drank coffee yesterday

Coffee is on 61%

of foodservice menus in the USA

Highly saturated market calls for changing consumer preferences

The consumer search for differentiation can be met through:

  • Feel good factors such as high quality bean sourcing, sustainable practices and innovative preparation methods.
  • Twists on tastes with the crossover of baristas and mixologists, seasonal flavors and nutritional improvement.

Kerry’s Crafted Coffee technologies

Kerry’s end-to-end coffee expertise includes selecting high quality beans from nature and roasting, extracting and crafting tailored delivery systems to suit a wide range of applications. Our roastmasters, flavorists, scientists and baristas take pride in perfecting coffee experiences that are consistent, clean label and sustainably produced.

Simply Nature Crafted Coffee Range:

  • Coffee house powder or liquid flavors
  • Dry and liquid house-roasted coffee extracts
  • Ready-to-taste 7:1 concentrates
  • Ready to drink coffees 


Case study: Premium iced coffee


Our customer included Kerry in their efforts to create a premium, comprehensive iced coffee program. The intention was to elevate the guest experience, ultimately driving traffic and sales. Simplicity was imperative. Our cold brew coffee solution needed to have minimal steps, consistency across various beverage formats and nominal storage space requirements.


Knowing the marketplace insights and trends as well as the customer’s goals and operational needs, the Kerry team presented a cold brew coffee solution and a variety of flavors. Intrigued by the taste profile and operational ease, the customer chose to further pursue changing their coffee program to cold brew.

The Kerry Difference

The short concept-to-national launch lead time was achievable due to the solution being a “collection” product, in addition to the incredible collaboration between crossfunctional teams. We leveraged work previously completed, which allowed for samples with short turnaround times, small run quantities for the customer’s stair-stepped market store testing and quick pricing. Our unparalleled solutions allowed us to assist our customer with a nationwide launch.