Handcrafted Beverages

Kerry’s new refreshing beverage platform can unlock the potential of your beverage program

Handcrafted beverages

Nearly half of today’s younger consumers are looking for new and unique beverages and are also increasingly interested in the functional benefits that beverages can provide. Kerry’s crafted beverage platform provides operators with a simple system to bring unique and customizable refreshing beverages to their customers. 

Consumers demand variety and health benefits

Soda Backlash
Despite appearing everywhere on menus and in retail, consumers are seeking alternatives to carbonated soft drinks or shifting to other categories.

Higher priced small batch, craft and house made beverages are in demand and help drive average check prices.

Consumer demand for ease of use and transparency have led to rise in popularity of freestyle machines and bubblers that move beverages to front-of-house displays.

Taste Expansion
Consumers are increasingly using beverage occasions to experiment with new formats and flavors as they seek unique experiences.

Health & Wellbeing
Consumers are turning to their foods and beverages as a step toward proactive health and want healthier beverage options with functional benefits.


Win with a handcrafted beverage platform

Consumers increasingly want restaurants to offer a greater variety of beverages with more and more stating that beverage platforms influence which restaurants to frequent.

Nearly half of consumers aged 18-34 want to try new and unique beverages at restaurants.

Ease of Use
Despite revenue potential, many operators do not offer unique beverage platforms due to back-of-house complexity, creating a need for a simpler solution.

Only 24% of consumers typically order beverages when ordering food for delivery due to having a variety of beverages at home.Offering unique and innovative beverage options can help.

Over a quarter of consumers are increasingly drinking tap water instead of paying for a beverage when dining out, demonstrating the need for beverage that deliver more value.

Kerry's core technologies for crafted beverages