Calculating Your Beverage Sustainability Impact: Kerry Releases Calculator for Dry Beverages versus Liquid

Thursday 8 April, 2021

Crafted premium dry beverage solutions are more sustainable and cost-effective than liquid beverages, and Kerry’s online calculator quantifies the significant sustainability benefits for beverage providers

Kerry, the world’s leading taste and nutrition company, has launched an online, interactive sustainability calculator that enables beverage providers to quickly examine the significant benefits of moving toward a “dry” beverage model and away from traditional liquid offerings. When analyzed against liquid beverages, shelf-stable dry beverage solutions are designed, produced, packed and then served in a much more sustainable way. According to a technical life cycle assessment (LCA) study conducted by Kerry on its dry beverages, the sustainability benefits over traditional liquid beverages can be quantified—and they are substantial.

This “cradle to grave” LCA assessed the environmental impacts associated with all stages of the life cycle of a commercial product, in this case Kerry’s Peach Mango Fresca premium dry beverage product. Examining five key areas—greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, non-renewable energy and minerals, impacts on the ecosphere, and land use—the study found a 42% lower impact on non-renewable energy, 7% lower GHG impact, 18% reduction in land-use effects, and 29% lower influence on ecosystem quality. These results were driven by such factors as reduced product weight in transit, lower packaging impact on landfills, decreased land use for packaging, and less damage to the ecosystem.

Commenting on the sustainability value of dry beverages, Clint Rogers, National Account Beverage lead at Kerry North America, said: “When compared with liquid beverages, shelf-stable dry beverage solutions are sustainably produced, packed and designed with cost-effectiveness and sustainability in mind. But, most importantly, the beverage maintains a fresh, premium taste over an extended shelf life. Kerry’s life cycle assessment is a technical case study that reveals how costly liquid beverages are in terms of the environment and as an overall business expense, and how using dry beverages can help businesses provide premium craft-style beverages that are also environmentally friendly. Try our sustainability calculator to see what’s possible.”

Moving to a sustainable dry beverage model can be valuable to a brand given the importance of the climate change issue to consumers. According to Innova, more than 40% of people across all age groups expect companies to invest in sustainability, and more than 50% of millennials strive to purchase from ethical brands. Consumers are highly loyal to brands that aggressively pursue sustainability goals. Switching to using dry beverages is one valuable way to help a brand build its “sustainability credibility.” The Kerry online calculator is a fast, efficient way to quantify the sustainability benefit.

Consumers are Switching to Premium Handcrafted Beverages

Consumer data make clear that the public is steadily switching from soda to natural, handcrafted beverages. In fact, after carbonated soft drinks, lemonades and teas dominate the category, and dry solutions for these types of craft beverages provide efficient, sustainable options for both operator and consumer. Premium craft beverages are growing based on rapidly changing beverage trends, impacted by health and wellness goals, demands for variety and novel tastes, the need for value beyond water, and growing “premiumization” of consumer tastes overall. Since liquids are not being shipped, dry beverages provide immediate advantages in terms of transportation cost and ease of delivery. They also allow for flexibility and reduced space requirements in back-of-house operations, all while providing a remarkable 12-month shelf life.

Kerry’s online interactive dry versus liquid beverage sustainability calculator can be accessed here. Also included are access to white papers, product information, and technical know-how in beverage development.  

Kerry’s Premium Dry Beverage Solutions include a portfolio of on-trend, flavorful, clean-label and lower-sugar options, including the craft beverage collection—ranging from lemonades to iced teas to frescas and other trending flavors. These crafted dry beverages are formulated with Kerry’s proprietary technologies that deliver high-quality, shelf-stable, lower-sugar alternatives to traditional CSDs and juices.

The calls for convenient, healthy, high-quality products that taste good and are produced ethically and sustainably have never been louder. In rising fashion, consumers are amplifying their voices to demand that the companies from which they buy become invested in the concerns that matter to them: sustainable nutrition, climate responsiveness, responsible sourcing, circularity and social integrity, among others. This strong mandate requires food and beverage manufacturers across the board to be forward-thinking in their efforts. Working in conjunction with its industry partners, the Kerry Group’s sustainability strategy—“Beyond the Horizon”—is being applied to enhance and expand the range of available food and beverage solutions that address these important consumer concerns.



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Premium Craft Dry Beverages Fact Sheet


Premium crafted dry beverages from Kerry are growing based on rapidly changing beverage trends, including health & wellness, consumers’ demands for variety, taste expansion, value beyond water and premiumization.

What do customers want? Surveys show that consumers are switching from soda to natural, handcrafted beverages with better-for-me attributes.

After carbonated soft drinks, lemonades and teas dominate the category. Dry solutions for these types of beverages provide sustainable options for the operator and consumer.

Some facts:

56% of consumers love or like flavored iced tea.

Frescas are refreshing, hydrating and perceived as healthier than a CSD. Frescas have grown 49.2% on US menus over the last four years.

Kombucha has grown by 317% on US menus over the last four years, and 65% like the food service Kombucha concept for its probiotic/gut health benefits.

37% of consumers love or like cold brew.

Dry beverage sustainability advantages:

  • Shipping cost/ease of transport, as you’re not shipping liquids but a concentrated dry format
  • Flexibility in back-of-house operations, as they take up less space and improve efficiencies
  • Reduced packaging for landfills
  • 12-month shelf life

Features of Kerry premium dry crafted beverages

  • Mass appeal and sophisticated, trendy flavors
  • Less sugar than CSDs and other existing market offerings
  • LTO and seasonal offerings
  • All natural
  • Great for in-store bubblers or batching