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Sugar is the Most Important Nutritional Feature Driving Purchase

Reduce Sugar Consumption

46% of American consumers strongly want to reduce their consumption of sugar

Lower Overall Sweetness

27% of American consumers want products to taste less sweet

Review Type of Sweetening Agents

50% of consumers seek out the type of sweetening agent on the nutrition panel and ingredient deck

Top 5 and Bottom 5 Sweetening Agents by Preference

Consumer Awareness & Preference of Sweetening Agents Included

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Role of Sweetening Agents

The perceived drawbacks of sugar and other natural sweetening agents have resulted in changing consumption behavior. Consumers are not only looking at sugar content, but also the type of sweetening agent.


Americans are increasingly aware of their higher than recommended sugar consumption and believe that several food and beverage products contain too much sugar.


Consumer perception was skewed strongly natural or strongly artificial when surveyed about 17 specific sweetening agents. American consumers prefer sweetening agents that are naturally derived.

Plus, a look ahead at how consumers' evolving expectations and preferences continue to drive innovation in food and beverages.

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