Future of Food

Unlocking Consumer Demand for Food and Beverages Beyond Clean Label

New Framework for the Future of Food

In order to truly understand what drive expectations of food and beverages and to estimate the role of Clean Label in the overall consumer universe, we studied 2,100 label-conscious consumers. When doing so, consumer priorities were revealed. Clean Label is a building block to this new framework, with consumers expectations growing beyond Nutrition, acceptable Ingredients, Sustainability, to also include Functional Ingredients and Taste.


Family enjoying dinner together

Higher Focus on Inherent Nutrition


Chef spooning sauce

From Unacceptable Ingredients to Purposeful Ingredients

Sprinkling flour onto bread dough

A Deeper Look Into Baked Breads


Enjoying a hot beverage at sunset

Desire for Functional Ingredients

Father and daughter enjoying ice cream cones

Taste is a Tablestake


Woman in the garden

Sustainability as a Purpose Builder

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