Canada Kerry Taste Charts 2019

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By revealing emerging taste trends, the Canada Taste Charts 2019 can be leveraged to meet the consumer desire for authentic tastes, natural ingredients and novel experiences.

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Take taste beyond flavor in 2019

Kerry leads the industry in exploring the best taste experiences nature has to offer. As a consumer-driven food and beverage company with a built-in flavor house, research and development division and market research team, we take a holistic view of market trends that we’re able to translate into insights on up-and-coming and emerging tastes.

The Canada Kerry Taste Charts 2019 represent our annual review of the Canadian food and beverage landscape. To create the charts, we utilize consumer trend data, foodservice research and endorsements from our internal culinary experts and mixologists to predict prevailing tastes for the coming year. These taste chart predictions are actionable recommendations for brands in the sweet, savory, salty snack and beverage categories that want to create research-backed products designed to surprise and delight consumers.


A comprehensive review of product launches, menu penetration, industry reports and interviews with internal culinary and beverage experts drove the findings in Kerry’s 2019 Taste Charts. Our insights team analyzed these data sources, uncovering key trends in flavors and ingredients within the world of retail and foodservice and predicting the most in demand tastes of the future.


Product Launches


Menu Penetration


Internal Insights & Industry Reports

The Lifecycle of Taste

Our predictions date back a decade, and consider flavors and ingredients that are here to stay (Mainstream and Key), as well as flavors and ingredients set to create ripples in the industry (Up & Coming and Emerging).




Top 10 for the Last 5 Years



Next Top 15 for the Last 5 Years


Up & Coming

20 Fastest Growing in the Last 3 Years



20 Fastest Growing in the Last Year

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