Experts in Meat and Meatless Protein

Partner with our chefs, scientists and marketing teams to deliver great-tasting meat products and plant protein applications, without losing sight of performance, food safety and cost.

Poultry Pork Beef Fish and Seafood Plants Appetizers

Together, we can unlock growth and create unrivaled consumer experiences

Address consumer needs for taste, nutrition and sustainability

Discover ingredients that go beyond seasonings and coatings—from clean label preservation to savory and smoke flavors—to create unique, marketable protein products.

Deliver trust, quality and consistency

Access technical and commercial process know-how, from product ideation and development to supply chain and scale.

Respond to market gaps with innovation

Leverage exclusive insights on consumer behaviors and co-create with a team of dedicated chefs, marketers and food scientists.

Outperform industry growth

Partner with a team of experts that have hands-on protein experience spanning centuries and a company with unsurpassed investment in the protein market.

Create winning meat and meatless products

Poultry Pork Beef Fish and Seafood Plants Appetizers

Choose a complete, trusted partner

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