2021 Canada Kerry Taste Charts

Discover the taste shaping the future of food and beverage in Canada with insights that can be used to create differentiated products designed to delight consumer taste buds.

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Go beyond flavor in 2021

As a leader in taste, Kerry is on a constant quest to discover and translate the best taste experiences from nature's high-quality ingredients.

Utilizing our unique expertise as a food and beverage company with a built-in flavor house, Kerry has the ability to research, analyze and interpret industry trends and convert those insights into authentic taste and nutrition solutions for our customers. Our taste predictions have helped brands launch the right products at the right time for more than a decade.

The 2021 Canada Taste Charts represent Kerry’s annual review of the food and beverage taste landscapes. These recommendations provide the industry with a proprietary view into the flavors and ingredients shaping the taste market across sweet, beverage, savory and salty snack categories.


Kerry’s Taste Charts methodology has evolved over the years to consider the world of flavors in retail as well as foodservice. Our methodology is grounded in specific sources of information:

  • Consumer Purchase Habits (Point of Sale Data)
  • Product Launches
  • Menu Penetration
  • Internal Insights & Industry Reports

The Lifecycle of Taste

Our Taste Charts date back a decade and consider flavors and ingredients that are here to stay (Mainstream and Key), as well as flavors and ingredients set to create ripples in the industry (Up and Coming and Emerging).


Top 10 Flavors for the Last 5 Years


Next Top 15 Flavors for the Last 5 Years

Up and coming

20 Fastest Growing Flavors in the Last 3 Years


20 Fastest Growing Flavors in the Last Year

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