Choosing the Right Protein for Your Snack Bar

As consumers become more savvy about protein types, they want protein bars that meet their taste, texture and nutrition expectations.

This “snackification” of our eating habits is driving incredible growth and accelerating consumer interest in convenient protein bars. The number of bars featuring “high” or “added” protein is rising, and the category was estimated to be worth US$6 billion in 2019.

Our new whitepaper gathers key trends and insights on the global protein snack bar market, including important considerations for protein snack bar formulation.

Key takeaways

  • The protein snack bar category is growing fast across the globe.
  • Snackification and the consumer focus on health and wellness are both strengthening the appeal of protein snack bars.
  • Protein choice remains key to meeting consumer demand for a great nutritional and sensory experience.

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