Unlocking the Power of Protein in the Beverage Category


Protein has been a top trend in food and beverage for several years. Consumers recognise its health benefits and want to incorporate more protein into their daily diets. The beverage category was one of the first to introduce protein fortification with the launch of powdered protein beverages; the protein beverage category has continued to evolve rapidly and significantly.

This paper gathers key trends and insights from across the global beverage market, including the role of protein and tips on unlocking the power of protein in the category.

Key takeaways

  • Functional beverages are one of the fastest growing categories.
  • Beverage consumers want added functionality in a range of applications.
  • Protein is known as a health hero, but its significant health benefits are often underestimated and unknown by consumers.
  • Taste, texture and sustainability are key values for consumers in the category.
  • There is still opportunity to bring new innovations to protein beverages.

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