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Consumer cravings during the soccer World Cup

A majority of Mexican consumers intend to tune-in for this summer's soccer World Cup. We asked residents from each region where they plan to watch the games, what they're going to eat and more. Our report–which is available in English (abridged) or Spanish (full text)–gives you a game plan for getting ready for the big event.

The 2018 soccer World Cup is predicted to be the largest sporting event in history in terms of media and audience coverage. For several weeks, the eyes of the world will be focused on the games in Russia; in Mexico, where there’s a tremendous amount of support for Mexican team and enthusiasm for the event will start months before the June 14 kickoff.

During the last 4-week soccer World Cup (in Brazil in 2014), the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods (CANIRAC) reported profits of more than $12 million dollars. The highest peak of growth of the Mexican economy in 2014 was 11% and occurred during the month of June, which indicates a big spending increase during the sporting event, including on food and beverage.

Kerry recently conducted a market study with the objective of understanding food consumption habits in Mexico during the upcoming World Cup in Mexico. We asked questions with the aim of identifying the factors with the greatest impact on decision-making at the time of purchase and consumption, including:

  • What types of food would you like to consume while watching World Cup matches?

  • How often would you consume them?

  • What tastes would you like to try?

The soccer World Cup is an opportunity to innovate and bring to the market new products, which makes it an excellent business opportunity. Results of our survey show that snacks rate high, and that chips and corn extruded products are preferred. Flavor trends vary by sub-region, giving us a broad panorama of flavors to work with. As you create products that meet consumer demand, we look forward to being your partner.

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