2021 Kerry Taste Charts

Our regional taste reports show the food and beverage flavours and ingredients shaping the global market this year.

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Novelty and nostalgia influence 2021 trends

Following a year dominated by COVID-19, it's no surprise 2021 tastes are trending toward traditional comforting flavours and new and novel taste innovations. The six regional 2021 Kerry Taste Charts - created for the U.S, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Brazil as well as the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa market - capture the flavours and ingredients predicted to appeal to these contrasting consumer needs.

The downloadable Kerry Taste Charts are designed to inspire product developers by categorising taste trends as mainstream, key, up and coming and emerging. For additional guidance, flavours and ingredients are segmented into sweet, beverage, savoury and salty snack applications. 

These roadmaps for food and beverage taste creation and revitalization are the culmination of hundreds of hours of work, including research into consumer purchase patterns, retail product patterns and performance and consumer engagement via social media with TrendspotterTM, our artificial intelligence tool. Use these easy-to-read reports to create products with winning taste in the coming year. 

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