The future of taste

As a leader in taste, Kerry is committed to discovering and translating the best taste experiences made from the high-quality ingredients found in nature. In this quest, we guide brands on the journey to developing the next generation of tastes that will surprise and delight consumers.

The Asia Pacific Kerry Taste Charts 2020 are a future-focused collaborative effort. Experts from Kerry’s marketing insights team, research and development scientists as well as trained mixologists and culinary experts weigh in across channels and end use markets to determine today’s trending tastes and anticipate taste trends for the future.

By reviewing and analysing point of sale data, product launches, menu penetration, customer surveys and Kerry’s proprietary predictive tools as primary sources of data, our experts have assembled an informed view of emerging trends shaping the taste industry across sweet, savoury and beverage. Brands can use these insights to ensure the delivery of new and innovative products that appeal to consumers the markets they serve.


Kerry’s Taste Charts methodology has evolved – analyzing point of sale data, product launches and menu penetration as primary sources of data to consider the world of flavors in retail as well as foodservice; in addition to internal insights and industry reports.

  • Point of Sale Data
  • Product Launches
  • Menu Penetration
  • Internal Insights & Industry Reports

The Lifecycle of Taste

Our predictions date back a decade, and consider flavors and ingredients that are here to stay (Mainstream and Key), as well as flavors and ingredients set to create ripples in the industry (Up & Coming and Emerging).


Top 10 for the Last 5 years


Next Top 20 for the Last 5 Years

Up and coming

Fastest Growing in the Last 3 Years


Fastest Growing in the Last Year

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