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Cleaner Label: Transparency, Health & Sustainability

Explore the full clean label landscape in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Our new research, which can be viewed via video and a complimentary insights report, details specific opportunities in claims around trust and provenance.


Social Media’s Impact on Key 2019 Foodservice Trends: #FoodserviceTrends2019

In our new report, we identify and analyze four foodservice trends-to-watch in 2019: healthy fats, fermented foods and drinks, bitter ingredients and crafted beverages.


Around the World with Cheese: Utilizing Regional Cheese Complexities for Savory Snacking

The recent trend toward LTO flavor profiles has opened the door to innovate beyond the conservative slate of basic cheese profiles, utilizing cheese's natural complexities. Our new report reveals how regional cheese inspirations have influenced the world of snacking.


The Art of Taste, Beverage Edition

Limited time offers (LTOs) are becoming an increasingly significant opportunity for foodservice operators. To provide direction, we've identified the leading trends in spring LTOs for the beverage category across the UK and Ireland.


Proactive Health

As consumers take greater control of their health, they're seeking functional ingredients and products to fix current health problems and prevent future ones. This report explores preferred ingredients, target consumer segments and more.

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