Defining Global Taste Trends in Food and Beverage

2021 KerryTaste Trends

Our worldwide experts have identified the taste trends impacting food and beverage success in the wake of COVID-19

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Dozens of Kerry experts recently pooled their knowledge and insights to identify the macrotrends shaping global cuisine. By analysing regional taste trends and identifying the underlying themes that link them, they drafted our new Global Taste Trends report. The report identifies prevailing consumer needs, giving guidance to brands that want to appeal to a larger audience.

If you regularly read KerryDigest articles, the macrotrends identified won’t be entirely new. The global taste themes are reflected in our content from the past year, when consumers around the world were responding to the challenges of COVID-19 by turning to food and beverage for comfort, health, adventure and more.

Here, we identify each of the seven taste macro trends you can explore further in the Global Taste Trends report and cite recent reporting that backs up each trend. While the Regional Kerry Taste Charts show which specific ingredients and flavours, the Global Taste Trends look at the consumer needs most influencing worldwide cuisine trends.

Trend: Nostalgic Taste

Consumers are craving childhood favorites and the comfort of home cooking, from chicken soup to coconut curry.

Trend: Seasonal Taste

Limited time offers (LTOs) are a mainstay around the holidays, thanks to an embrace of seasonal flavours in beverages and food products such as ice cream and sweets.

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Trend: Enticing Eats

Instagram has upped the demand for visually pleasing food, with picture-perfect offerings scoring big amongst consumers.

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Trend: Taste Exploration

With travel out of the question for people still experiencing COVID-19 lockdowns, food is a unique outlet for experiencing other cultures.

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Trend: Novel Flavours

New and unusual tastes took on a new significance this year, when much of life was marked by routine and sameness.

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Trend: Acceptable Sweetness

Sugar continues to fall out of favour, with public health concerns and new sugar taxes pressuring brands to produce lower-sugar  products.

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Trend: Healthy Halo

There’s a growing demand for foods that come packed with perceived health benefits, from immune support to mood balance. 

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