A Look Back at 2021’s Top Food and Beverage Trends


What were consumers looking for in 2021? Our most popular articles of the year give a glimpse of trending categories and prevailing consumer priorities in the food and beverage industry, from plant-based and sustainability to ice cream and mental wellness. We also drew in readers with updates on regulatory changes and sugar taxes as well as new innovations, such as the making of a meltable vegan slice.

Here, we list our 10 most read food and beverage articles of 2021, as well as 10 related posts you won’t want to miss.



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chocolate ice cream with almonds

If you liked reading: Ice Cream Flavor Trends for 2021

Then check out: Ice Cream Trends in Latin America's South Cone


If you liked reading: Plant-based Beverage Trends and Innovations

Then check out: 5 Things to Know About Dairy and Non-dairy Alternatives

vibrant chiken sandwich with fresh toppings

If you liked reading: 7 Meat Trends for 2021

Then check out: Tracking Global Chicken Sandwich Trends

woman participant in Kerry Graduate Program

If you liked reading: Celebrating Women Leaders at Kerry

Then check out: Tapping an Unexpected Superpower


If you liked reading: Getting Ready for Regulatory Changes in Europe

Then check out: The State of Sugar and Health Taxes in 2021

cracked eggs and whisk

If you liked reading: Creating a Realistic Vegan Slice—an Oral History

Then check out: Helping Customers to Crack Egg Replacement

young couple making dinner together

If you liked reading: Functional Beverage Trends Support Mind-body Wellness

Then check out: 5 Trends in Food and Beverage for Mental Wellness Support

fancy hot cocoa

If you liked reading: Beverage Trend Insights from 3 Flavour Geniuses

Then check out: Festive LTO Beverages Bring Nostalgia and Magic to Foodservice Menus


If you liked reading: The Megatrends Transforming Taste and Flavour Predictions

Then check out: 4 Reasons the Halal Food Industry is Booming

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