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Track innovative coffee flavours, preparation methods and trends by following the feeds on this list, curated by our worldwide network of baristas

Inspiration can be found anywhere, but for baristas and coffee brands, novel ideas often show up on Instagram. Small shops post innovative coffee flavours, baristas show off videos of latte art and consumers tag their favourite coffee trends. To give coffee brands a glimpse of where Kerry’s global team of baristas and mixologists draw some of their inspiration, we compiled this list of 12 coffee-inspired Instagram accounts to follow. Many of the are notable for their aesthetic inspiration and flavour combinations, but the best also have interesting insights. (One more to follow: @wearekerry, our global food and beverage account.)

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Our experts:

  • Jacob Prain, a Kerry mixologist based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Satrya Basiru, a Kerry mixologist based in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Bulent Sefer, @mixologistanbul, a Kerry barista and mixologist based in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Edgar Mahlaba, a Kerry mixologist based in Durban, South Africa
  • King Jiang, a Kerry senior barista based in Shanghai, China
  • And me, Levi Andersen, @audio_cafe, a Kerry liquid chef in Beloit, WI, USA


If you search for #rtdcoffee on Instagram, you’ll only find a couple hundred images. But, each one illustrates the great assortment of ready-to-drink coffee products from around the world. This hashtag tends be used by coffee and beverage connoisseurs (rtd isn’t necessarily consumer lingo) so many of the posts found here include a greater commentary, such as an ingredient list, an analysis of the success of the product or an explanation of where to find such a product.


The growing trend of veganism is everywhere, including coffee shops. Dark Hall Coffee, in Phoenix, AZ, USA, does a thorough job of capturing through its Instagram feed the abundant options for plant-based beverages, including innovative coffee flavours. One recent post showed a beverage made of house-made beet shrub and dark crown mocha. Others show different ways to incorporate non-dairy milks, juices, sparkling water and more to coffee, cold brew and espresso.


The picture-worthy lattes of barista Melannie, captured on her Instagram feed, @Melaquino, reveal why the coffee artist is a regular at events around San Francisco, her home city. She delivers drinks topped with “drawings” that are colourful and intricate, from tranquil brown giraffes, koalas and cats to brightly coloured David Bowie tributes. Her images tend to show the final product (as opposed to a how-to) and her captions often include call-outs to her mom.


The Instagram account of Black and White Coffee Roasters, based in Wake Forest, NC, USA, and run by champion baristas, is must-follow for coffee bean geeks. Their posts regularly go into great detail about the nuanced and exotic blends they source, roast, sell and serve, such as Gamatui Honey, a Ugandan variety which they describe as naturally having notes of cherry, orange and honey, with bright flavours that are similar to those found in beans from Kenya and Burundi.


Does it ever feel like you’ve reached your limit when it comes to dreaming up innovative coffee flavours? The Instagram posts coming out of Woodland Coffee, in Seattle, WA, USA, will help you see otherwise. Some recently Instagrammed coffee concoction we’d like to try: a vanilla and cayenne latte and a Big Truck Espresso with Hot Cakes Salted Caramel and coconut milk, served iced.


The innovative videos and photos of Hakan Yilmaz, aka @baristahakan, are regularly reposted on top coffee-themed Instagram feeds, so why not go straight to the source? Hakan, who’s based in Istanbul, Turkey, often documents his coffee bar experiments, such as steeping ground coffee beans and sugar with half an orange or making delicately layered lattes; he also posts content from other baristas around the world.


Because of social media restrictions in China, barista Yuani Zhang mostly posts his latte art to the WeChat handle latteartyuanyi. But you can also find many of the award-winning barista’s creations on the Instagram feed @zkings1019. The finished products are always intricate, but our favourite part of the posts is that most show exactly how he makes the masterpieces, from garlands to deer.


The feed @latteartgram aggregates latte art posts from around the globe, sharing the best-of cups of art to its account. Many are of the look-but-don’t-try variety, such as an assortment of black coffees, which make for a stark contrast to steamed milk but include activated charcoal, an ingredient that’s banned in New York City and beyond. Others simply show hard-to-replicate results, such as a sculpted—and painted—3-dimensional bear rising out of a cup.


Expect to learn “Who’s Who in Coffee” from this feed. Many posts to the Sprudge Instagram account feature the faces of coffee culture, from baristas and café managers to roasters, retailers and farmers. The captions that accompany these are often captivating enough to inspire a click on the related profiles and articles. This content is housed on the Sprudge website, which is the self-proclaimed “worldwide leader in coffee news & culture”.


The images posted to Cup of Excellence show the layers of effort and energy that go into each cup of coffee. Pictures and captions depict beans at every stage of the growing, sorting and roasting process, along with coffee classes, tastings and auctions. The Cup of Excellence program, which is part of the non-profit Alliance for Coffee Excellence, has a mission of helping farmers receive more money for their high-quality coffee. This spirit is in line with the consumer want for sustainable products that come with tangible origin stories.


The Coffee Collective, a Denmark-based roaster with four coffee bars, posts some of the most diverse photos of any coffee brand on Instagram. A recent smattering includes write-ups of recent collaborations with a kombucha brewery and a beer brewery, which led to a new rtd coffee kombucha as well as a coffee-infused beer, a candid photo of the Enciso family, in Tolima, Colombia, which grows coffee for Coffee Collective, as well as action shots from the worldwide locations that source beans from the collective.

If you only want to follow one coffee-themed Instagram account, Coffee Fixation is here to give you your daily jolt of all things coffee-related. Many of the aforementioned Instagrammers show up regularly on this account which is dedicated to all things coffee, from infographics to instructional videos and new packaging looks. The account appears to be run by a social media and marketing company—not a coffee brand—but the result is entertaining coffee content.

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