Kerry Trendspotter™

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict food trends.

Identify future demand and deliver on-trend products with Kerry Trendspotter. Partner with Kerry to access:

  • Artificial intelligence for the food and beverage industry built with a proprietary algorithm designed by industry experts and in partnership with IBM Watson, tested and vetted by sensory scientists and against historical food breakout trend patterns

  • Real-time and predictive consumer insights informed by machine learning which give targeted guidance to the food industry on developing trends including emerging flavors and ingredient combinations and products with breakout potential

  • Faster innovation, which leads to product development timed to meet surging consumer demand, thanks to Kerry’s on-hand team of food scientists and chefs and robust portfolio of ingredients and integrated taste and nutrition solutions

  • A clear advantage in a crowded industry that is consumer-led, data-driven and changing at a rapid pace

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Kerry Trendspotter in action

Kerry Trendspotter automatically reads and processes millions of consumer-generated social media posts, extracting food items and cataloguing food-related combinations. Using an algorithm vetted by Kerry’s food scientists and IBM’s data scientists, Kerry Trendspotter calculates and predicts the ingredients, flavours, foods and products most likely to match consumer’s evolving tastes. These insights are used in tandem with Kerry’s other industry-leading primary research capabilities to make targeted and on-trend recommendations.

The Kerry Trendspotter difference

After results are delivered, Kerry’s chefs, food scientists and flavour experts collaborate with our partner on a formulation, drawing from Kerry’s robust range of taste and nutrition ingredients and expertise in crafting custom integrated solutions. Through in-house sourcing and manufacturing, partner brands have been able to shift to accelerated insight-backed product innovation, launch products with less lead time, be first to market and capitalise on trends before their competitors.

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