Insight-led Innovation

We uncover unique consumer insights and champion creative ideas to help our industry partners craft on-trend food and beverage innovations and bring delicious products to market at speed.

Translating consumer wants into scalable solutions

Our market research-driven approach sets the vision for the future, allowing our scientists and chefs to quickly bring science, technology and creativity to the table.

Access our suite of proprietary insight tools

Quickly collect and analyse global market trends with our suite of tools that draw from in-person engagements and technology platform data. Our experts leverage these to generate actionable ideas for innovation and to help customers position and launch products that resonate with consumer desires.

  • Kerry Trendspotter™: An artificial intelligence platform developed in partnership with IBM Watson that analyses millions of consumer-generated social media posts to forecast future food and beverage trends.
  • KerryCompass: A customer framework for viewing market trends through the lens of consumer values, attitudes, behaviours and needs.
  • Eat the Streets:  An in-person new food and product discovery session that can explore CPG and foodservice options in a target category or market.
  • KerryFocus: An onsite viewing and recording facility for focus groups which allows our customers to observe and understand first-hand consumer attitudes and behaviours. 
  • ConsumerRadar: Our panel of 23,000+ employees who supply instant data about targeted food and beverage topics.

Bring new products to life with Kerry

After identifying relevant growth opportunities, our experts in research and development propose innovative product ideas while our sensory and regulatory teams fine-tune final formulations and clear the path to commercialization.

Access our primary research

Tap our comprehensive analyses of consumer trends and customer challenges to inspire innovation and identify commercially viable opportunities.

See how we’re helping food and beverage brands lead with insights

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