Case Study

Boosting the Health Quotient of RTD Tea with Wellmune®


Create a tea product with built-in health benefits

In Vietnam, ready-to-drink (RTD) tea is ranked second in retail market value within the non-alcoholic beverage category, and is enjoyed for its refreshing taste, affordability and convenience, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z.

A leading company in RTD tea products in Vietnam wanted to offer consumers more value for money by fortifying its products with ingredients that support good health. The company approached Kerry to help differentiate its RTD tea from competitors and grow appeal amongst health-conscious consumers while retaining the same delicious taste.


Delivering immune strength and great taste

In devising a solution, the Kerry team considered several key factors. To provide a distinct product differentiation and capture growing local demand for foods and beverages that support health across all ages, Wellmune, Kerry’s natural proprietary baker’s yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan clinically proven to strengthen the immune system, was incorporated.  

With taste being paramount, a balance between astringency and sweetness had to be achieved so the RTD tea served up that same refreshing taste of regular tea that consumers love. As green tea with lime is a core flavour in all RTD tea brands in Vietnam, the new product was formulated in this popular flavour to deliver on taste and authenticity, while sugar content was reduced to meet the demand for less sweet drinks. More importantly, the addition of Wellmune® did not compromise taste.

The functional RTD tea product was officially launched in the Vietnam market in March 2021, with sales revenue projected at US$150,000. 



Consumers say the Wellmune infused RTD tea is tasty, convenient to drink and good for the body. Wellmune is now being considered for other  products in the customer's range.

“With 88% of Vietnamese consumers actively looking for food and beverages that enhance wellbeing, and 43% seeking value-for-money, the new functional RTD tea successfully positioned our customer as an innovator in the marketplace while meeting market desire for tasty and healthier products.”

— Hoang Anh Dinh Thi, Senior Key Account Manager, Kerry Vietnam

The Kerry Difference

Our insight-led approach to understanding the local market and proprietary proven clinical research helped the team provide the customer with a product that won over consumers with its deliciousness and health benefits.

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