Case Study

Sustainable Bone Broth Launched Using End-to-end Expertise


Several years ago we helped a customer create a private label stock that uses Kerry technologies including those from Ariake USA, a company since acquired by Kerry which uses traditional cooking methods to make stocks and bases. Recently, the customer noticed the surging popularity of high protein bone broth and wanted to add such an option to their product line. Because our stock collaboration resulted in product accolades in the media and marketplace, we were the natural choice as a bone broth manufacturing partner.


To create a bone broth, we utilized some of the same know-how that went into the original stock formulation. We once again applied our fermented and Maillard reaction flavour technologies and we helped the customer source the same high-quality and trusted chicken bones for the broth. However, to deliver the high protein of a bone broth, we amended the production process to raise the naturally present protein levels to 9g of protein per cup. (The stock we partnered on contained 2g of protein per cup.) At the same time, we coupled our naturally fermented reaction flavours with operational expertise to deliver a non-cloudy bone broth with an authentic savoury taste.

As a trusted sustainability partner, we also brought an innovative idea to the customer to help them eliminate waste and propel them toward their goal of a creating a product that sends zero waste to landfills. By partnering with an organic fertilizer company, we were able to ensure that the bones used in the broth production became a foundational material in an organic fertilizer. This created a more sustainable bone broth. Coming full circle, the resulting fertilizer is now used by the customer’s produce farmers and is sold as a garden fertilizer in the lawn and garden department of the customer’s stores.


The bone broth was launched in one of customer’s eight regions. It was so successful it’s now available in five regions and has boosted the store’s soup category sales overall.

“Just like the stocks we partnered on, consumers are responding with enthusiasm for the bone broth. Although this is a private label product, this customer is able to charge about $2 more than the next closest brand because it’s a quality product with a premium taste.”

—Oliver Capel, Kerry Global Account Director

“Kerry always come to us with great ideas. We really appreciate the strong partnership, level of care for our business and innovation that we receive from the Kerry team.”

— Senior Vice President of the customer

The Kerry Difference

Kerry’s sourcing, food science and production expertise were all utilized during the creation of this consumer preferred product. In addition, our willingness to learn the customer’s business and partner with them in and new and unique ways has built trust and synergy between our companies so we’re able to anticipate and deliver on the customer’s goals.

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