Case Study

Sugar Reduced by 22% in a Plant-based Beverage


The producer of a popular plant-based beverage approached us with the challenge of reducing their product’s sugar content without adding sweeteners or changing its list of ingredients. The target sugar content was established to meet newly implemented health regulation guidelines in the region. To maintain consistent pricing for consumers, formulation changes couldn’t increase the price of the final product. However, the product needed to maintain its great taste and have a shelf life of 12 months.


The first solution proposed by our research and development team was Tastesense™ Sweet, which can help reduce sugar while maintaining the taste, mouthfeel and texture of a product. While the resulting drink passed the taste test and significantly reduced the sugar content, the cost came in a little higher than the customer wanted. The original Tastesense formulation was slightly reworked to deliver the same taste in a way that met the tough cost target. Once the customer was happy with the beverage, we helped conduct accelerated shelf life testing on the final product to ensure stability over the entire product life.




Sugar was reduced by 22% in the final product, and testing shows that the customer could further reduce if required. However the drink maintained the same great taste as the original full sugar variety. In addition, TasteSense survived extremely harsh accelerated shelf life testing, giving full confidence to the customer.

“To help reduce the sugar while keeping the great taste consumers love, we worked closely with the customer to ensure that our Tastesense technology delivered on its promise of sweetness modulation at a cost-competitive level. The final solution was attractive enough for the customer to place the purchase order and ask for our expertise in solving other taste and nutrition challenges.”

– Gordon Eng, Kerry General Manager for Taste

The Kerry Difference

By having a full library of taste and nutrition solutions at the ready, Kerry was able to save the customer time and expense. In order to modify Tastesense to meet the customer’s cost targets, we relied on collaboration between regional and local country teams, which allowed for fast response times and accounted for local preferences. These elements helped build trust and convinced the customer to open further opportunities within their range.

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