Case Study

Salt Reduced in Canned Soup Line


With consumers demanding products with lower salt content but the same great taste, the pressure was on for our customer, a well-known soup manufacturer. Additionally, new sodium content regulations were about to take effect in the country of sale. This customer came to us to reformulate and reduce the salt content in a range of canned soups produced at their site while maintaining the same great taste.


Kerry proposed using Umamex™ 100 LS from our TasteSense™ Salt toolkit, a cost-effective performance solution that delivered on salt and umami intensity. The use of this taste modulation product allowed our research and development team to create a line of reduced salt soup that delivered the taste consumers want.



The customer was able to launch canned soups that used 30% less salt than the original formulations. This recipe was attractive to consumers and in line with new government regulations in the country of sale.

“Reducing salt is all about finding a balance. We work with our customers to help find the best solution to rebalance the taste of their low-salt recipes. Our aim is to provide consumers with great tasting products with reduced salt”. 

— Frans den Ouden, Kerry Business Development Manager

The Kerry Difference

Kerry acted as a strategic partner by leveraging our applications expertise and proprietary product lines. By utilising existing products we were able to quickly help the customer improve the taste and nutritional profiles of their products.

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