Case Study

Added Sugar Reduced by 40% in Soda, Improving Nutrition and Sustainability


Consumers want reduced sugar products, which has beverage brands looking for new solutions. When local legislation changed to allow for the use of hybrid sweeteners, a beverage customer in the region wanted to see if we could help them significantly reduce added sugar in their soda while maintaining the same taste profile, which consumers already loved.


Our teams partnered on the creation of a new beverage formulation, which used TasteSense™, a taste modulator. The selected recipe reduced added sugars by over 40% while delivering the same taste and mouthfeel as the original product. This label change appealed to consumers, who want beverages with reduced added sugars. Meanwhile the new formulation actually improved sustainability and production cost. These changes came from the significant reduction in sugar usage, which reduced expenditures on raw materials and transportation as well as the carbon footprint of the product.


The customer gained market share by launching a healthier version of its proven product while also reducing carbon footprint and cost.

“The significant reduction in sugar is a big win in terms of nourishing life—being able to deliver a soda with the same great taste and 40% less added sugar is great for consumers. And, the customer´s RD&A team says the new product seems even fresher than the former one.”

—Julie Gattaz, Kerry Strategic Marketing Director

The Kerry Difference

Because of our food science and manufacturing expertise, we’re able to not only deliver solutions such as TasteSense, but also help companies formulate them into the finished product. Because we’re committed to helping brands make impactful sugar reduction, our solutions deliver significant results, creating greater customer trust.

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