Case Study

Consumer Preferred QSR Burger Buns
Made More Resilient


Improve the quality and durability of burger buns

A global foodservice provider approached Kerry for a clean label solution that would improve the dough resiliency of its burger buns while maintaining mouthfeel and texture. Storage and thawing conditions required the buns be able to withstand stacking without damage. It was also critically important that the buns maintained their color and quality after wrapping to ensure the consumer would unwrap a perfect bun.


Kerry’s Biobake™ enzymes improved bun performance, appeal and production efficiency

Kerry’s enzyme and bakery experts partnered with the customer to understand their process and raw materials. Our clean label Biobake™ enzyme range improved the dough tolerance and resiliency of the burger buns and demonstrated effectiveness at plant scale with minimal production process impact. The resulting burger buns withstood the freeze-thaw process and held their shape while being stacked, processed and consumed in store or post-delivery. In addition, the Biobake enzyme improved heat retention, mouthfeel, crumb structure and bite. Our global network allowed us to deliver the solution across the customer's supply chain network and our global regulatory expertise provided peace of mind that local regulations would be fully adhered to.


The customer experienced a significant sales increase following the launch of the new bun, due largely to growing consumer demand.

“Being able to work transparently with our customers from the very beginning meant we got to the heart of the challenges and developed an effective solution in as short a timeline as possible. This allowed us to provide excellent service to our customer. "

— Richie Piggott, Kerry Vice President of Business Development for Enzymes, North America

The Kerry Difference

Our application expertise and deep enzyme knowledge—which comes from over 50 years’ experience in enzyme fermentation—enabled us to quickly deliver a solution that met all of the customer’s needs. Kerry’s global footprint provided the means to deliver and support the implementation of this solution worldwide.

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