Case Study

Prized Restaurant Sauce Turned into
Dry Sauce Blend for Grocery


A casual dining chain with restaurants around the world is best known for its unique chicken and sauce offering. The company wanted to launch a grocery product that would allow consumers to create their restaurant-style dishes at home. While the customer had a taste profile, they needed help translating it into an at-home version and manufacturing the final product.


Kerry’s team began by working with the original recipe for the restaurant chain’s sauce. To create a product that would appeal to consumers in the target market, our chefs created a few variations of the sauce, ultimately landing on three offerings—original and two new flavours that were developed by keeping local taste preferences in mind.

The resulting sauces were designed as dry sauce blends. To make the sauce packets shelf stable, a team of food scientists and flavourists created various iterations, finally landing on a dry sauce blend that matched the flavour of the original but was fit for mass market. The iteration process addressed a number of challenges, including concerns about final product appearance and texture.


Ultimately, five recipes were taken to market. Since launching, sales and revenue have surpassed the customer's original forecast.

“This project has highlighted Kerry's food expertise and excellent communication, which has translated into a range of products that we're very proud of. The new products have been widely praised by retailers and have exceeded all our forecasts and expectations!”

— an executive with the customer’s food division

The Kerry Difference

Our expertise translating delicious homestyle taste into from food, for food products was essential to this project. Team members that specialize in consumer insights, flavour, clean label preservation and manufacturing worked together to create winning formulations that delivered an in-restaurant experience to consumers at home. One standout from the team was the ability to work with starches to achieve the desired visible appearance after cooking.

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