Case Study

Premium Bakery Glaze Improved Efficiency and Appearance


A regional bakery customer wanted an egg-free bakery glaze that delivered a premium golden shine to buns. They sought a product that was easy to use—for example, a bakery glaze that didn’t require dilution—and one that was more consistent than the product they were currently using, which they deemed as unreliable and ineffective.


Kerry’s bakery team had received similar product requests, leading them to develop off-the-shelf solutions for customers. To help this bakery customer, the Golden Gloss bakery glaze was suggested. Golden Gloss does not require dilution and is stable throughout its shelf-life, which eliminates the common market problem of solutions that thicken and gum up machines or stick to pans. The customer appreciated that the product was ready to use, delivered consistent results, was cost competitive and was produced in two sites and available from three stocking locations within North America.


By using Golden Gloss bakery glaze, the bakery improved operational efficiency and quality control. Because products coated with the glaze do not stick to pans, less cleaning is required; there has also been a measurable decrease in blemished buns, which are rejected and discarded.

“This customer was thrilled to have a plug-and-play solution. When using the competitive glaze, charred specks of burnt-on glaze already in the pan would stick to subsequent buns. These were rejected during the automated visual inspection control. With our glaze, the overspray on the pans came off clean and rejects were reduced by 50%.” 

— Kate Guan, RD&A Scientist

The Kerry Difference

Kerry’s team of technical and applications experts were able to quickly and successfully transition the bakery to using Golden Gloss bakery glaze. The team was available onsite at the bakery to alleviate any challenges with the transition as well as to provide support and education in working with the product and ensuring the finished bun applications had a consistent, golden shine.

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