Case Study

Creating a Scientifically-supported Powdered Immune Strength Beverage Product


Launch an immune supporting beverage backed by science

With wellness top-of-mind for consumers during the spread of COVID-19, a customer approached us to create, manufacture and distribute for them a competitive product in the powered immune strength beverage space. In addition to providing delicious taste and scientifically supported nutrition, the brand wanted to have a product ready for launch on an accelerated timeline.


Applying expertise to deliver on the growing consumer need for health and wellness

Kerry quickly assembled experts in beverage, nutrition and taste to create a flavorful and scientifically supported powdered beverage blend. To help support overall health, wellness and immune strength, our clinically supported Wellmune® ingredient was used, along with vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. Natural flavors were added to give the product a palatable taste. Knowing consumers were often facing shortages of similar products, we helped fast-track sourcing and set up manufacturing at one of our facilities that was also equipped to package the final product. In just 12 short weeks from receiving the brief, we were able to develop, produce and distribute the final product.


The powdered immune support beverage with Wellmune was quickly launched online and in retail stores, meeting the demands of consumers as well as the customer.

"This was an amazing effort across many Kerry teams to pivot strategy and get a timely product out to market rapidly. This exemplifies Kerry at our best, leveraging our expertise across."

—Shawn Gerstenkorn, Director of Marketing, Beverage Strategy, Kerry North America

The Kerry Difference

Our in-house nutrition and taste expertise, combined with our manufacturing and sourcing capabilities, enabled us to help create and launch the product in under three months. Because Wellmune has been the subject of many scientific studies about immune support, and is stable during most manufacturing processes, it was an easy decision to add it to the formulation.

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