Case Study

Plant-based Patties and Grounds Launched with
Savory Beef Taste


Create a winning taste experience for meat alternative patties and grounds 

A global protein brand struggled in the development of an alternative protein product, contacting Kerry for help with a taste solution that would improve the flavor of its meat alternative patties and grounds. Specifically, the customer was looking for a beef taste profile that was vegan, non-GMO and clean label and could mask plant protein off-notes.




Kerry’s savory taste creation team partnered with the customer’s R&D team to create a beef taste profile that delivered on flavor authenticity and mouthfeel

By coupling our Authentic Savory taste portfolio with our plant-based protein development and applications expertise, we provided flavor development tailored to our customer’s needs, leveraging our expertise in Maillard Reaction technology, protein off-note masking and umami and kokumi. Kerry was able to deliver the complete layered solution within a very short time span, helping the customer meet its rapid timeline.



The plant-based patties and grounds have garnered outstanding customer reviews and have expanded into two more major retails since launch.

“The success of these plant-based patties and grounds effectively demonstrates how the integration of taste and application expertise creates products that appeal to consumers, while reducing the time from concept to commercialization."

— Douglas Ney, Kerry Account Manager

The Kerry Difference

Faced with a rapid-fire request to deliver on multiple taste requirements, Kerry was able to leverage our plant protein expertise and portfolio to quickly provide a complete multi-technology solution that exceeded our customer’s expectations.

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