Case Study

Masking Plant-based Off-notes and Improving Taste


Build a better tasting plant-based product

A longtime Kerry customer in the global meat space wanted to bring to market a plant-based protein product for both retail and QSR. The customer had created their own meat alternative product, but when they had trouble masking the off-notes often associated with plant proteins, they approached Kerry for a solution.


Delivering intended flavor with a proven taste masking ingredient

Kerry assembled an R&D team made up of a research scientist, a flavourist and a culinary chef to explore solutions. In working with the customer’s existing product the team quickly realized that, due to the extrusion process used in the product’s creation, flavors and flavor blends weren’t going to help—what was really needed was flavor masking. By incorporating TasteSense™ Masking, Kerry’s flavor masking taste modulation ingredient, into the customer’s plant-based product, the intended taste was able to shine through. When the customer tasted our sample preparations, it was clear our solutions outperformed the others they were considering.


The customer is so satisfied with the new formulation, they are preparing to launch four plant-based items in the coming months with TasteSense Masking.

"Because of our existing commitment to the customer, we already had an efficient and effective internal infrastructure. With our expertise in flavour masking, we were able to quickly offer up solutions that easily beat out those proposed by our competition."

—Karen Linck, Kerry Key Account Manager, Technical Business Unit Manager

The Kerry Difference

By bringing together different skill sets from the start, the Kerry team was able to test and retest the final concept to ensure it would work at scale. Our plant-based portfolio of ingredients, Radicle™ by Kerry, allowed us to quickly experiment with a range of solutions.

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