Case Study

Novel Cheese Flavour Created for a Popular Snack


A popular brand came to us for help creating a new and novel flavour of its snack product, which was widely sold in supermarkets and convenience stores. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, the company had found it hard to stand out amongst the competition; the goal was to create new consumer appeal in an existing product.


This request came as cheese flavours were gaining in popularity amongst local consumers. We tracked the momentum of this category and began to work with the brand’s research and development team. We eventually developed a completely customised solution for a cheese-flavoured snack that the company believed to be novel but also familiar and appealing.

To create a unique taste and product, our team:

  • Added a customised cheese powder and a seasoned syrup to the product

  • Incorporated a topical cheese seasoning into the final product

  • Supported the customer through the use of consumer snack market insights
  • Helped the customer position the product to have a premium image through the use of imported cheese

  • Used Kerry’s coating crumb technology to deliver the product’s surface cheese-looking bits


This new product boomed on their e-commerce store during a popular nationwide retail event.

“We were able to leverage on our extensive market and consumer insights to develop a cheese flavour that not only complements the existing product, but also caters to the specific taste palates of the local consumer". 

— Michael Jiang, Kerry Vice President and General Manager

The Kerry Difference

Kerry’s dairy heritage provided the expertise and supply chain needed to create great tasting and authentic cheese powders. Product ideation was fuelled by our consumer insights team, which had been closely tracking food and beverage trends in the region. Finally, our holistic technologies allowed use to create both appealing taste and appearance that contributed to the premium product image.

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